Thursday, 17 November 2011

Deja Vu....Wolves Res haunt Swansea City, just as their first team did.

Deja vu, eh.
At Parc-y-Sgarlets, on a horrible "drizzle that gets through your outer coat and is slightly foggy as well" night, Swansea City's Reserves served up a performance that was redolent of the Senior Team's efforts some weeks back at Molineux.

In other words, they dominated a game for 75mins, playing their young opponents off the park, and then proceeded to commit hara-kiri +1.

Not only did they allow the Wolves back from 2-0 to 2-2, they only went and conceded a winner.In the 93rd minute. Ouch, ouch and double ouch.

When the winner hit the back of the net I got a strange feeling - d'you know that moment in "The Sixth Sense" when you realise that Haley Joel Osment does indeed "see dead people" and Bruce Willis, for all his great bloke shtick is just Toast, Baby. It's like a slap across the chops with a wet fish. Jaw dropping, stomach churning, collective groaning Swansea City result.

The truth of the matter is this. Throughout the first half the Swans, at first slowly and then increasingly often and regularly, created chance after chance after chance. That they took 2, through Luke Moore and Steven Dobbie, was good. That they missed at least 4 more, through Dobbie, Orlandi, Cotterell and Moore was frustrating in the extreme.

So they turned around, and gradually, persistently, Wolves got on top. So much so that when Kemy Agustien, who had muscularly shown advantage, was withdrawn (maybe to save him for Saturday), the Swans lost control.

Their first goal came on 75m, the equaliser on 89m, the winner on 93m. For the last half hour, their youth pressed our more experienced side further and further back. I couldn't say they didn't deserve it.My two compadres, Keith and Nick, one on each side of me, both made valid and pertinent comments. "Uh,oh, this looks familiar" and "They look the better side."

It did, and they were.

We all 3 felt as we had on that sunny Molineux day. Gutted.

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